Bag of Holding

Character Sheets

1. Delving Deeper
A one-page (single-side) sheet for the classic Original D&D clone/tribute.

2. Pits & Perils
Another OD&D clone, this time one that goes for the vibe rather than the rules. This is a double-sided A4 sheet which includes spells and a section of rules sufficient for most players.

Adventure Modules

1. Temple of the Black Sun
A brief adventure for beginning Blood of Pangea characters. Expect evil sorcery, a seemingly deserted jungle ziggurat and a sleeping god.

2. Beneath the Tower of Zenopus
My favourite D&D adventure. Lifted from the pages of the Holmes Basic rules and fitted for a slightly different ruleset: Delving Deeper.

Rules and Things

1. Tunnel Quest
A complete standalone role-playing game using just 2 six-sided dice. The players do all the rolling, the referee just sits back and gets on with running the game. I wrote this many years ago but it still works.

2. Spell Lists (Pits & Perils)
All of the spells from the main rule book and supplements collected on one page with stats and a line of descriptive text.

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